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Hi Friends 

I am reaching out to everyone to help Townsville Cleveland Bay Lions reach a Community fundraising target for this year.

Once again the Entertainment Book for 2018/2019 is available.

There are books available for a lot of areas within Australia including Tasmania New Zealand AND BALI ($40) and from previous personal experience it is a really worthwhile purchase because your $60.00 investment will normally be covered by using the book only twice.

Discounts can be had with Woolworths, Air Flights, Car Rental, Hotel accommodation, Fuel, Theme Parks, Subscription Magazines as well as a host of local attractions and countless other offers including car servicing, movies etc etc as well as heaps of eat in or takeaway options for food.

Here is the link to order your copy and you can have either a digital copy which downloads to your phone to ensure that you have it with you all the time 


in a book form which you are able to remove the coupon from and take it with you:

(if the link won't work just highlight and right click and open link in a new window - and the page comes up)

I know some of you have been eagerly waiting this years edition and I look forward to receiving your order in the next week or so.

Other ways you could help us out is if:

Put a supply of books on your reception counter at work so that your customers have access to them when they come to your business.


BOTH those options

BUY A membership FOR SOMEONE ELSE - a fabulous gift as well.

Thank you so much for your assistance and I look forward to you being able to take advantage of the savings on day to day purchases like I do each year.  Who knows, we could even do coffee or have lunch or dinner together using our mutual coupons.

Doreen  Ross

Project Manager

Townsville Cleveland Bay Lions Entertainment Book Fundraiser

P.O. Box 862

HYDE PARK    4812

0400 687 041