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"Guess the $ In The Box"

Who Won The "Guess The $ In The Box" Competition?

You will recall at our last meeting in September, Keith brought in a charity box that Col Hills had left at a business.

Jane suggested we run a competition to see who could guess the total amount of money in the charity box.

Keith having located the key and counted the coins, reported a healthy total of $154.65.

Well, the lucky winner was out President Sue with the nearest guess at $133.

The other guesses were as follows:

Jane $67, Sarah-Jane $114, Col $274, Les $305, Keith $435, David $263.35, Juno $250, Jeff $315, Trish $287.35, Cassie $528, Vic $350, Doreen $108.60 and Shirley $80

Themed Meeting Night - 18/08/16

An informative night discussing our future uniforms, fabrics, fibres and colours.


Cardwell Lions Club Combined Meeting / Social Night - 18/08/16

Lion Juno joined fellow Lions from Barrier Reef, Mt Stuart, Ingham and Rollingstone on a 2.5hour journey in a mini van to visit our commrades in Cardwell for a combined meeting and social night.  The night entailed good company, a scrumptuous meal cooked by Cardwell Lions, tail twisting and raffles followed by an interesting and very long journey home!



Notice of Annual General Meeting - 18/08/2016

Saturday Sporting Shooters BBQ - 13/08/2016

On the second and third Saturday of each month, members of the Club head on up Hervey's Range to feed the hungry shooters who are out participating in their club shoots.  Keeping the men and women, fed with an awesome sausage sizzle BBQ and drinks really hits the target nicely.



Themed Meeting Night - 21/07/2016

Our inaugural Themed Dinner on 21st July had us jetting away on a Lions “Travel” theme night where we were all new employees of “Smiley Travel” that provides a service to people with life threatening illnesses.  With President Sue’s “Smile” theme for the year, these photos were taken with everyone giving us their best smile (or grin) as part of the airport security requirements!

As we were all new to “Smiley Travel” we needed to have some familiarisation of the business which included a trip using a flight simulator on “Smiley Lions Airways” captained by President Sue.  During the flight and as part of the “in-flight entertainment”, we all introduced ourselves based on a question defined by what chocolate bar(s) we selected during the pre-flight preparations.  Yes some were greedier than others!  Lots of laughter and banter and everyone had a great time!

And no, we didn’t crash the plane on landing but landed a little short of the start of the Townsville Airport runway!

Thanks to Lion Fred Basset who provided the flight simulator.  Who can actually fly a plane!

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