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SHOOT FOR A CAUSE 'The Col Hills Memorial' - SSAA & TCBL Corporate Charity Shoot

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  1. Complete the Nomination Form (page 2)

  2. Pay you/your teams full fee by direct deposit to: BSB: 124005  Acc #: 20157164   Ref: use your teams name or your name if you don't have a team.

  3. Along with a copy of your direct debit banking receipt, send your completed Nomination Form by email to Email subject line should be '2018 Shoot' + your team's name.

  4. Print out Form 33 (page 3-4) (1 per person).  Bring your completed Form 33 and Photo ID to the Rifle Range before 7.30am on the morning of Sunday, 28 October 2018. The Range Officer will check and sign your Form 33 before you can participate.


Nominations close by COB Friday 27 October 2018


If you have any further questions regarding the nomination process, please contact Sue on 0488 977 874.

If you have questions regarding the event or eligibility to shoot etc, please contact Michael Norris on 0412 813 302




Col Hill’s Memorial Shoot for a Cause - Charity Shoot Held Sunday 30 October 2016

The inaugural Col Hill’s Memorial Charity Shoot was held on Sunday 30 October 2016 at the Sporting Shooters of Australia Association (SSAA) Townsville shooting ranges. 

The day was a great success with 92 registered participants, 26 SSAA members, 5 of our own members volunteering to help on the day and a tiny handful of spectators.

Both Col’s daughters Dyanne and Lione attended. Nola Hills would have loved to also attend but was unable to do so due to a previous commitment. 

Dyanne and Lione were given the privilege of opening the event by firing the canon; which during the practice run only the day before had hit the target; on the day it narrowly missed, but both were thrilled all the same.  At the end of the day they stood to give a moving speech about their father, telling us that of Col’s 75 years, 38 were spent as a committed member of Lions.

The SSAA Townsville Club put days of work into building targets and organising the logistics prior to the event. They deserve a standing ovation for giving us a well-run day.  The cost in time and building targets aside, they provided an in-kind donation of at least $2000 to our Club just for the use of their facilities.  We are very grateful for all of their hard work and I certainly continue to appreciate the partnership we have with them.

A big thank you to those Lions members who worked so hard in organising and assisting on the day; without you, it would not have been the huge success that it was.  Jane, Angelo and Shirley provided their well-honed organisational skills to smoothly manage the catering.  A special mention needs to go to Vic who almost single-handedly managed the registrations, order the catering, packed the equipment needed,  helped SSAA on the Saturday and calculated the scores on the day, to say the least.  A big thank you should also go to Vic’s daughter Trish, Vic’s gorgeous granddaughters and Shirley’s grandson for also helping on the day. 

Just for the sake of a bit of trivia, we cut up and used 8 large Lion’s Christmas Cakes.  As always, these went down a treat.

Lions Fred, Mel, David and Doreen pulled teams together and joined as participating shooters. Though fatigued from having so much fun shooting, Doreen also lent a much needed hand with the registration and catering during the lunch rush.

Participants enjoyed target shooting in the 22, pistol, air-rifle and shotgun fire-arm disciplines. There was not a person that I spoke to that had a bad word to say about the event, with everyone talking in glowing terms of their delight and satisfaction with the day. There was a great deal of interest expressed in next year’s event.

The team winners were from Independent Living Solutions consisting of Michael and Frances Lestone, Jamie Cheer, Darcy Kane, Boyd Smith and Christina Gillis. The overall aggregate winner was Erroll Reeves.

Lion Vic will provide us with the final figures but there is no doubt we will come close to being able to purchase at least two pieces of equipment for the Palliative Care Unit as a result of this excellent fundraiser.