District 201Q2, Queensland, Australia

Day for Daniel

'Day for Daniel' is a National Day of Action to raise awareness about child safety and protection. Parents, carers and guardians are asked to start a conversation about personal safety in the real world and in an online environment.

Wear Red, Educate and Donate is the theme of 'Day for Daniel' as we strive to have schools, kindergartens, businesses and community groups across Australia take action and conduct child safety activities in their local communities to help in 'Keeping Kids Safe'.

Keep an eye out for the 2018 date.


 Townsville Community Walk for Daniel

The 7th annual Walk for Daniel will be held as part of the Day for Daniel activities on Thursday, October 27.

The Day for Daniel is a National Day of Action to raise awareness of child safety, protection and harm prevention.

It is about educating children and adults about keeping kids safe through child safety and protection initiatives. It aims to help empower our children to recognise, react and report if they feel something is not right.

Wear red and educate, is the theme of for Day for Daniel, as we strive to have schools, kindergartens, businesses and communities across Australia take action and conduct child safety activities in their local communities to help in keeping kids safe.

The Walk for Daniel will take place at 5.00pm with a short walk around the Riverway precinct commencing at 5.30pm.

Townsville Cleveland Bay Club Members will be out if force again, walking and cooking up a storm at the sausage sizzle for all the walkers.  There will be free Daniel Morcombe Foundation resources, activities, jumping castle, rides, face painting and the sausage sizzle for the community to enjoy.  So come along and help promote the message of Keeping Kids Safe.

Cleveland Bay Lions were tasked with the running of a Sausage Sizzle on Thursday 27th October. The food was provided although we used our “Bain Marie”, sausage rack and some utensils. Where is the box of tongs?  Fortunately Fred had some in his van.  The set up was at 16.00 hrs although the actual walk was not until 17.30 hrs.  As a result we were well prepared despite the Council barbeques being fairly slow. I do not know how many people participated in past years but it did not strike me as being well supported this time although the 20 odd police swelled the numbers. They were largely the imports who were working on the current juvenile crime wave. The rush came after the walk but it was spread enough to make it very easy to handle. There were 5 of us - Angelo and Fred cooked, Sue, Vic and Les did the serving and Jane dropped in for a sausage!  No profit, No cost but just a good feeling of being supportive of the cause.

Our community presence is reassuring. I particularly enjoyed chatting with all our new Police recruits at the Walk for Daniel event and I know that others (Ron) have enjoyed chats with members of the public who have wondered over to our Melbourne Cup ticket tables.  I believe in these hard economic times, the visual presence of the Lions working hard in our community gives people a real sense of comfort. 


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